Entropay Is Closing Down


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Entropay Is Closing Down

And boy are they being coy about it.

I got an Entropay email today, that they were closing down. So I went to their main site, https://www.entropay.com/. That site said:

New Account Restrictions

Entropay is imposing new account restrictions. This means, over the coming months, your Entropay account functionality will be gradually restricted.

We are no longer accepting registrations and existing users are not be able to top up their accounts from credit or debit cards, or bank transfers.

So I went to the link in my email:

Entropay is closing

We're sorry to let you know that Entropay is ceasing providing its services on 1 July 2019. Please withdraw any money left in your account as soon as possible.

How will this affect you?

Please contact support if you have any questions.

We are sorry to say goodbye to all of our loyal users and would like to say thank you for using Entropay.

I got this email because I have an Entropay account, that I've never used because I couldn't get it to accept any money or credit.

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