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As of my previous post, I'd only tried J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir. (Other than cartridges and prefilled.) Since then, I've gotten to try several. I have a bunch more waiting, mostly purple samples, but here's a summary of what I've used so far.

Noodler's Red-Black

A rather prosaic name for a wonderful ink. It writes well in all the pens I've tried it in, and on the paper I've tried it on. To me it looks sort of metallic, a very pleasant dark reddish-brown.

J. Herbin Perle Noire

A nice, solid choice for straightforward, dark black. When I used other pens, I'd try various colors and always go back to black. With fountain pens, though, black just seems kind of boring.

Not to disparage this ink, though, it is a very nice black. But now I want to try all the available colors.

Noodler's Green

A pretty green, I enjoyed using this ink. My tablets at work, though, have a greenish cast to them, so it isn't a good choice for that paper. Because of that, I switched away from it rather quickly, but I still write with it on white paper at home.

It's a very wet ink, I think the wettest I've tried so far.

Noodler's Purple Wampum

A beautiful, gorgeous dark purple. I love this color, but I don't love the ink. It feathered on every paper I tried it on. I ended up switching away from it really quickly, it just handles horribly.

Nemosine Halley's Comet Purple

I love this ink. As you write, it comes out of the pen as a lighter magenta, and then dries to a darker bluish purple. It's pretty and it's well-behaved. I have a bunch more purples to try; if I didn't, I'd just go ahead and order a full bottle of this now. It's also convinced me to try other Nemosine inks, once I make it through the current batch of samples.

I've only smear tested Green, Wampum, and this ink on the Tomoe River paper; this one acted very oddly. Of the inks I tried, it smeared way more right away. Way, way more. But after thirty seconds, it was fully dry. The others smeared even at one minute, Green a lot, Wampum a little.

What's in my pens right now?

Eclat de Saphir, Halley's Comet Purple, and Red-Black.

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